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A Call Out To Car Guys

Momo Steering WheelLet me introduce myself, and let’s talk about cars and car parts.

My name is Barry Durham and this is my website. This is a new website and new content is being added weekly.

I have over thirty years business experience in various fields, and I’m a real car guy who closely compares pricing on everything car-related in order to find the best deals. And I’m a proud owner of a tricked-out 1974 2002 BMW.

I’ve been a car guy since 1973, and I’ve owned over twenty five (domestic and foreign cars).

I’ve owned 2 – 69′ Road Runners, a 68′ Mustang, a 75′ Plymouth Duster, a 76′ LT Camaro, a 74′ 911 Porsche, 8 – BMW’s, 2 – 73′ Opel Manta’s, a 77′ VW Rabbit, a 2000 Chevy Tahoe, a 79′ Ford F-250, a 77′ Ford Fiesta and a few others.

And I’m an Army Veteran, for whatever that’s worth. I’ve learned a thing or two about cars over the years (I was a school trained mechanic) but never worked as one. Although I was a helicopter mechanic/crew chief. And I still work on my own cars.

Why? Here’s why. My wife talked me into letting one of the national chain auto service shops do an oil change on her Mazda 6 last year. After they did, they mentioned at checkout that her car was due for a spark plug change.

I was shocked to see that they had given me a service quote of $415 dollars. What? To replace six spark plugs? You do have to remove the intake manifold, but still…

Car Parts

So I checked on Advance Auto Parts and found the plugs at $7.99 each – that’s $47.94 + tax and local pickup. I chose Autolite brand using Iridium XP plugs. Autolite had a $15.00 dollar rebate that they sent me on a Visa card.

So not including tax, my total spark plug cost was $32.94. What? Let’s see… I saved $382 dollars, and it only took an hour and a half of my time with simple hand tools. That’s a deal!

The above example is why I’ve created this website. To make people aware of ways to save your money on anything car-related! Please read the various posts on car-related offers of car parts, tires, with more to come on car loans, car insurance, and saving you money.

So if you need car parts and you need them fast – (30 minute pickup after order, choosing your local store), you should look on the Advance Auto Parts website.

If you have questions, get in contact. See our other posts for information on car batteries, car tires, alternator troubleshooting, disc brake rotors and pads, auto air conditioning parts and more.


Drive Safely and Happy Motoring!

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