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car tiresEveryone needs tires, and tires can be very expensive. Unless you know someone locally that can give you a great deal on tires, you need more information than a local tire dealer will give you to get the best price.

As a car guy, I’ve used more tire brands than your average car owner. And I’ve learned all about tires the hard way. Sorry B.F. Goodrich, but I’ll never own another set.

I bought a full set of B.F. Goodrich tires at one of the large bulk retail stores and after two years they began cracking and dry rotting, which caused a vibration you could feel in the steering wheel. I don’t live in a hot dry climate like the desert, so that should have never happened. Maybe it was because of the same rumor I’ve heard about this large retail store’s Pirelli tires. Pirelli makes a very good tire, but it’s rumored that this store’s Pirelli’s tires, and Pirelli’s you buy somewhere else are two different tires. I have no proof, and that’s just a rumor I’ve heard.

That aside, let’s talk about how to spend the least amount possible for the best tire. First as I’ve done, you need to find that local tire and brake shop that will give you a good price on mounting and balancing your new tires. My local shop charges $10 per tire for mounting and balancing, without charging a disposal fee per tire. Good deal!

After you locate your local shop, it’s time to shop for tires. I’ve had a favorite online tire retailer for years where I’ve spent a lot of money. Although my last tire purchase was in an unlikely place for me.

My newest choice for a tire retailer is Walmart. Why? Because they sell a tire that’s a private label tire called Douglas. Why’s that worth mentioning? Because it’s made by Goodyear, in the Goodyear factory for Walmart. So you’re buying a high-end tire made by a well-known tire manufacturer, that’s selling very well.

Check out the selection and pricing. I bought a full set for my wife’s Mazda 6 that are almost a year old and they look brand new and show no noticeable wear.

For a local tire retailer, Walmart is my recommended tire retailer for only the Douglas brand. For a big selection of tires and free shipping, check out Amazon Tires.

Drive safely and Happy Motoring!


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